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The Doctor Within

Updated: Jan 7

Let’s start with one of the most famous examples of an individual beating cancer with happiness: Normal Cousins, the famous former editor of the Saturday Review Magazine:

“When Norman Cousins was diagnosed with a crippling and irreversible disease, he forged an unusual collaboration with his physician, and together they were able to beat the odds. The doctor's genius was in helping his patient to use his own powers: laughter, courage, and tenacity. The patient's talent was in mobilizing his body's own natural resources, proving what an effective healing tool the mind can be. This remarkable story of the triumph of the human spirit is truly inspirational reading.” — Anatomy of Illness Norman Cousins

During my studies to become a Traditional Naturopath, one of the first things to be taught is that when we become out-of-balance with viruses and/or any other type of pathology, our body wants to heal itself. Thus, we are taught to facilitate that natural process of self-healing by asking our patients: “Are you getting enough good sleep, clean air and water and exercise?”

Then we ask, “Are you getting outside at all in nature? Do you have healthy relationships?”

All too often, the answer is “No” to all of the above.

Hippocrates said: “Everyone has a doctor in him; we just have to help him in his work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.”

In my work, I am committed to helping you find the doctor that is within you so that you may embrace this natural healing force that each of us has. It is my deep prayer that you to begin heal yourself first before any recommended pharmaceutical protocol.

It is probable that your current lifestyle doesn’t match your body’s real needs. There is no question that your body wants to win for you daily, but at every feeding transaction you are being set up to fail by genetically-modified fast food stops and other conveniently packaged and processed meal experiences.

As your body is bombarded with an array of destructive ingredients, it is revealed that this packaged food experience is “convenient” for the packager to make money and for your employer to limit your time to eat.

Dr. Kelly Brogan, a Holistic Psychiatric doctor based in NYC calls this epidemic: “A Lifestyle-Body Mismatch”. Your body thrives on real, clean and naturally unprocessed food, not fast food and processed conveniences swallowed quickly without consciousness. This both makes you vulnerable to illness and denies you your own body’s natural healing processes.

In addition, your upbringing and the news media may be feeding you a chronically negative worldview. Add money worries and any unhealthy relationship dynamic, and your body, mind and spirit begin to feel sad and defeated.

Many people are asked to work in jobs with overly prescribed process that deny you any ownership of your work. Long work hours may have confined you as if you are in soulless prison. Your social isolation may lead to loneliness without companionship or love.

You find yourself tired and depressed and no wonder. All of these things trigger a negative energy spiral that can begin to work against you by causing inflammation, autoimmune disorders, along with various mental and personality breakdowns.

It takes bravery and courage to stop a pattern/addiction, and it takes faith to be open-minded to create new pathways physically, biologically, mentally and consciously. Again, it takes bravery and courage to stop a pattern/addiction and perhaps some with never change for a few reasons, they just have not hit rock bottom or they may have it too easy still or their addictions are soft enough in so that they are not hurting an immediately but rather generating a slow suicide.

Your body is a self-healing organism. The medicine it really wants is pretty simple: To be loved just as you are, seeing the glass half full, laughing, singing, dancing, sharing, loving, touching, and eating well, to name a few.

When you find the doctor within you, your body’s natural self-repair mechanisms will flip on and you will have done everything within your power to heal yourself.

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