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I am grateful to have accumulated many reviews and testimonials over the past 23 years while in this field. Below you will see some that were from a marketing tool I used called Frederick and when I ran a Groupon.  Others were written on Yelp or Google.  In addition to what is on the most popular search engines, others were sent to me via email or other correspondence.


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I am so thankful I found Creative Lifeflow!  Having researched the benefits of colonics, I knew I needed to try it, but was apprehensive.  Nancy took all of the fears away.  She makes the process so pleasant and I leave feeling energized and encouraged!  I highly recommend doing a series as I have found with each visit my digestive system improves.  My mental clarity has improved and I have also noticed a difference in my skin.

Nancy is truly a treasure.  She makes me feel so comfortable and like I've known her forever, even though we just met. Driving over half an hour to go to Creative Lifeflow is well worth my time and money! ~ Brenda C


I have never had anything but a wonderful experience at Creative Lifeflow with Nancy!! She is so knowledgeable about what she does and how to help digestive problems you might be experiencing. I used to have a lot of trouble with bloating in my lower tummy region even though I am very thin. Nancy was able to suggest enzymes to help as well as colon hydrotherapy, and both made a drastic difference in how I felt! I couldn't recommend Creative Lifeflow more! ~ Audry B

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Creative Lifeflow offers one of those experiences nobody wants to talk about.  However, Nancy Gurney is such a professional and the equipment and surroundings are so sanitary and relaxing that you tend to forget your purpose for being there.  If you have ever hesitated about using colon therapy to enhance your wellness efforts, I encourage you to visit with Nancy and let her answer your questions.  I know you will be pleasantly surprised and it is so beneficial to your health! ~ Judy D

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The office was a very clean and relaxing atmosphere. Nancy was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and a genuinely nice person. I left feeling refreshed to say the least, this was my first time, and will not be my last. Thank you so much!! ~ Ryan Q

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I have to be honest, I was very nervous about my first colonics session.  That was quickly diminished when Nancy walked into the room.  She made me feel very comfortable and at ease.  Nancy possesses a wealth of information about health and nutrition.  I highly recommend Creative Lifeflow as THE place to go for your colonic needs. ~ Raquel J

1817 West Stadium 
Suite A
Ann Arbor, MI



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