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ADD, ADHD, PTSD, Night Terrors, etc

The world's current situation has sadly taken a toll on mental health, leading to addictive patterns such as hoarding, shopping, drugs, alcohol, codependent/addictive relationships, and more. Additionally, conditions like ADHD, ADD, night terrors, bad dreams, PTSD, and CPTSD can make things even more challenging. I can offer you scientific reports on how you may relieve these conditions using Brain Reward by VNI - Your brain's course correction...


Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) often continues into adulthood. Recent neuroimaging studies found lowered baseline dopamine tone in the brains of affected individuals that may place them at risk for Substance Use Disorder (SUD). This is an observational case study of the potential for novel management of Adult ADHD with a non-addictive glutaminergic-dopaminergic optimization complex KB200z. Low-resolution electromagnetic tomography (LORETA) was used to evaluate the effects of KB220z on a 72-year-old male with ADHD, at baseline and one hour following administration. The resultant z-scores, averaged across Eyes Closed, Eyes Open and Working Memory conditions, increased for each frequency band, in the anterior, dorsal and posterior cingulate regions, as well as the right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex during Working Memory, with KB220z. These scores are consistent with other human and animal neuroimaging studies that demonstrated increased connectivity volumes in reward circuitry and may offer a new approach to ADHD treatment. However, larger randomized trials to confirm these results are required. (view more)

Over 30 Clinical Studies (Referenced in PubMed)

Demonstrate (to date) that “Brain Reward” nutritionally supports the ability to experience reward benefits from normal activities, especially in people with reward deficiencies who have greater difficulty achieving satisfaction from normally rewarding thoughts, experiences, and ingested foods and beverages.

Brain Reward is a patented nutritional formula.

Why Brain Reward?

Brain Reward has been shown to:

  • Support dopamine sensitivity and function

  • Help regulate cravings

  • Promote energy and recovery

  • Relieve stress

  • Enhance detox

  • Support focus, attention, concentration, and cognition

  • Support optimal brain health, elevate mood, weight management, and overall wellness and vitality

Reward Deficiency Facts:

People with reward deficiencies experience an imbalance in their brain reward chemistry that impairs the function of one or more of the multiple steps in the brain reward cascade (starting with serotonin and going down to dopamine). This can lead to dopamine deficits and dopamine resistance (loss of pleasure, increased stress, reduced focus and concentration, lower cognitive function, and even unhappiness).

This prompts individuals to engage in a wide range of intensified reward-seeking thoughts and experiences to get that pleasurable “dopamine fix”. People with reward deficiencies often engage in excessive “reward-seeking” behaviors to temporarily get their “dopamine fix” to satisfy their immediate reward needs, often resulting in unhealthy and even dangerous outcomes.

While most of the science-based, proprietary, trademark and patented ingredients in this incredible formula have been researched and validated separately, collectively, this patented complex formula has been validated by more than an astounding 30 clinical studies. (No other multi-ingredient finished formula is known to have this many published studies in independent peer-reviewed scientific research.)

By supporting dopamine function, Brain Reward may help foster a sense of well-being, and can also help to regulate cravings which can lead to better overall health and wellness.

If you want to:

  • Increase your willpower and self-control

  • Improve your energy, focus, and cognition

  • Promote a happier fulfilling life

Brain Reward

  • Enhances Energy

  • Relieves Stress

  • Helps Regulate Cravings

  • Supports mood resulting in a sense of peaceful well-being

To learn more about Brain Reward, please feel free to reach out.

To schedule an appointment please click here.




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