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WeiDetox Protocols
Brewing Tea

I now offer 2 different detox protocols:


  • 14-day program ($279) includes an initial 1-hour long consult

  • 28-day program ($529) includes an initial 1-hour long consult

    • you can email, text, or call with questions during your program as well.​

    • diet suggestions will also be given on a case-by-case intake

The supplements used are Chinese herbal formulas that support the safe and effective release of toxins. In addition, these herbal blends are known to be restorative to our bodies organs, and systems as well.

Please read the following and if you are interested let me know and we can set up a consult call to see if these programs are a good fit for you?

14-day program


100% of patients that have gone through the WeiDetox 14-day program have shown improvement in Digestive, Lung, and Lymph symptoms.

Notable symptoms that were resolved:

  •  - Bloating

  •  - Food Cravings

  •  - Diarrhea

  •  - Fatigue

  •  - Body/Leg Heaviness

  •  - Ringing in the Ear

28-day program

87% of clients that have gone through the WeiDetox 28 day program have shown improvement in Digestive, Lung, Lymph, Liver, Kidney, and Male/Female Health symptoms.

Notable symptoms that were resolved: 

  • mood swings

  • anger/irritability

  • stress

  • anxiety 

  • water retention

  • excessive weight gain

  • hair loss

  • restlessness

  • ache/pains muscle

Industrial Smoke

How Do Toxins Enter Our Body?

  • Alcohol

  • Insecticides

  • Unhealthy food

  • Contaminated Water

  • Polluted Air

  • Medical Treatments

  • Household Chemicals

With the extensive use of chemicals and pesticides in the past century, we are all now living in an environment that is contaminated by millions of different types of toxic chemicals. Every day we inhale air, drink water, and ingest food that is toxic. Continued exposure to these environmental toxins, our body can become toxified which can bring about many health issues with different symptoms.

How Do Toxins Affect our Body?

  • Fatigue

  • Weight Gain

  • Anger/Irritability

  • Food Cravings

  • Stress/Anxiety

  • Bloating

  • Addiction

  • Ringing in the Ear

  • Body/Leg Heaviness

  • Mood Swings

The WeiDetox programs employ Chinese herbal formulas that help facilitate our organs to release accumulated toxins from the body.  These programs are designed by Chinese Medical Doctors here in the USA.  All protocols and products are tested for quality by 3rd party independent companies and the ingredients are wild-crafted and organic.


The herbs also work to assist the liver in processing the toxins to non-toxic compounds and support the kidneys to filter the toxins out of the body.  The herbal ingredients also support the repair of damages to our organs caused by the toxins.  


With the use of the WeiDetox product, you will experience a boost in overall energy, improvement in emotional wellbeing, enhanced digestion, and increased mental clarity.


*  These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases

Successful Girl


My husband and I recently did the 28-day program and were pleasantly surprised at the results.  After the first week on the herbs, I noticed a huge reduction in the feeling of anger and irritation. After my 4th week, I was happy to see the loss of a few unwanted pounds and stabilization of my weight.  My metabolism seems to be in line.

My husband had recently quit smoking and he jumped on the chance to detox his lungs.  The program worked on all the organs in a systemic way, clearing the GI tract, liver, and kidneys first then progressively clearing all the organs including the heart and lungs. My husband's cravings for nicotine were gone after the program. After 40 years of smoking that was huge. ~S. Shuppert

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