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lymphatic enhancement technology (LET)

LET is light and sound energy that aids in improving microcirculation, general circulation, and helps with fluid management at the tissue level.  It supports or can replace manual lymphatic methods.

LET is a safe low-frequency vibrational treatment that communicates with the body’s innate energy patterns giving it the direction and energy to heal naturally and intelligently.

The vibrational frequencies from the LET wands include Electrostatic Fields, Magnetic Fields, and Acoustic Sounds. These energies when received in a 30-to-50 minute session give rise to enhancing the transportation of waste and immune system functions.  When the lymphatic system is decongested through this session people report having more energy and less pain.  By having more energy the body heals as it knows how to naturally and with its own intelligence. In fact, the body is smarter than us.   


LET was created to detoxify the body at a cellular level to remove unwanted debris (toxins) thus giving rise to natural energy flow in the body, mind, and spirit. When these three things are restored our bodies and our lives are in harmony. I feel this is something most of us are trying to achieve.


Clients report the following:


Improved edema, fibrotic conditions, and swollen lymph nodes.  Some other conditions reported to have benefited from therapy include breast lumps, inflammation, chronic pain, joint aches, allergies, sinus, respiratory problems, headaches, prostate problems, hormone imbalance and chronic female conditions, dental trauma and chronic problems, heavy metal toxicity, neuromuscular trauma, immune and fatigue syndromes.​

People get these treatments for the following conditions:


  • Pain

  • Scar Tissue

  • Dental Issues

  • Immunity

  • Breast Health

  • Hormone Balance

  • Post Surgical: Breast, Joint Replacement, etc

  • Injury Rehabilitation

  • Aging Skin

  • Edema, Swelling, and Lymphedema

  • Digestive Disorders

  • Autoimmune Conditions

  • Stress and Mental Afflictions

  • Fatigue

  • Skin Conditions

  • Esthetic Procedures

  • Eye Conditions

  • Headaches

And there is more:

  • LET is an excellent adjunct to manual lymph drainage techniques to open the lymph system and improve fluid flow and accelerate detoxification of tissues.

  • Reduction of pain due to lymphatic conditions.

  • Prevention of breast and prostate problems.

  • Pre- and post-athletic applications to increase performance and decrease muscle and tendon strain.

  • Enhances relaxation, emotional balance, feelings of wellbeing, and increased energy.

  • For cosmetic enhancement by the reduction of fluid deposits in the face, healthier skin, supporting all cellulite reduction therapies, and post-procedures such as micro-dermabrasion.

  • Clears and re-balances the energy field of health care practitioners after working with clients. This is especially important for body-workers.

LET offer several layers of electromagnetic energies that can assist with the release of interstitial toxins thus, helping with pain and acceleration of local healing.


Below is a deeper view of the lymphatic system considers that the components of this body system also comprise the immune system. Thus, LET may assist the immune functions.


People are taught the care of the cardiovascular system, but generally, not the lymphatic system or the immune system overall. LET fills a gap in the integrative communities for substantial treatments that assist with detoxification at a deep cellular level and work locally and within and to aid the immune functions.


Individual Testimonials:


“I began to notice a difference in my health within about six treatments. I have had digestive and elimination problems for years and lymphatic treatment have definitely helped.” In October I broke my knee cap and the lymphatic treatments helped my swelling, pain, and healing…. I would recommend lymphatic therapy wholeheartedly.” – Sara P

“My daughter had swollen lymph nodes under her arms after her first year away at college. I was concerned about her lifestyle affecting her health. When the Lymphstar arrived I got in 3 treatments before she went back to school. The nodes completely went away! I treat her every time she is home for prevention. I am so excited about this technology and use it on myself and many friends with great results.” – Laura P


“In December of 2000 my wife was diagnosed with lymphedema in her left leg and lower abdomen; she was 52 years old and in otherwise good health. We were told that the lymphedema was caused by abdominal scar tissue from surgery she had 14 years ago, and that nothing could be done to alleviate the condition other than receiving lymphatic massage and wearing compression stockings. These methods were somewhat helpful, but very time consuming and inconvenient. Eventually, I was giving her lymphatic massage at home after our insurance coverage for that procedure ran out. I found an ad for the Lymphstar Pro in the magazine Alternative Medicine and decided to give this device a try. We were both very glad I did, because it was very easy to use and it helped the process tremendously! Using the Lymphstar Pro to loosen up the lymph made my efforts at lymphatic massage much more effective and in much less time! It really worked as advertised and we both highly recommend it for anyone with lymphedema. I was so pleased with the results of this device, I offered to write this testimonial with “no strings attached” in any way – I just wanted to let others know that this is a good product that may be able to help them as well.” – Bob B


I use the Lymphstar Pro every day for about a half-hour because I have a pretty bad case of Lymes disease. It really seems to help me, I was having some symptoms come back possibly from not using it since I shipped our other one out, and I felt much better after using it again. I’ve been using the Lymphstar for about 5 months now, but the last month or so I’ve been able to feel more of a difference after I use it, and I’m definitely improving now!” – Nathan S


“As you know, after a c-section and double hernia surgery, I developed severe scarring in my lower abdominal area. The scarring formed a mass that caused a blockage in my intestines. I received numerous pain injections which did not help. Then I went through countless physical therapy sessions which included ultrasound. This also provided no relief. Through time, the scarring got worse and I did not receive relief until I visited you. When the Lymphstar Pro is used to work on my abdominal area, I finally felt relief. The machine broke up the scar tissue enough that the blockage became relieved. After several treatments, I felt great relief from my pain and int

Pro. Following the therapy, the pain disappeared and I was informed by my surgeon that the previously enlarged lymph node was no longer present and that neither a biopsy nor further visits were required.” – R. B.


“I did a number of treatments during my 3-month sojourn in the U.S. I do believe that your healing was the most effective. My feet are doing great these days and I really feel the possibility that I will run again, perhaps on my injury’s anniversary this October. Thank you for your energy." – Colleen

estinal problems. Thank you for using the Lymph Star Pro which made this chronic situation more tolerable.” – Beth


Since my first therapy session with the Lymphstar I have free of the cystic breast pain that had plagued me for years. My hope is that news of this program will spread and others will be spared unnecessary surgery.” – E.W


“I am so grateful to have found you and the healing power of the Lymphatic Therapy with the Lymphstar

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