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ear coning (candling)

Ear Coning, also known as Candling, is an ancient remedy that has been used by various cultures throughout history. This clearing is now widely used in many countries and successful in treating many problems associated with the ears and head area. The process involves using a hollow candle to create a vacuum in the ear, which draws out poisons, residues of past infection, and fungus, as well as fluid and wax. It is a completely painless and pleasant method of operation that can influence the lymph system and metabolism.​

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Clients report the following:


  • May relieve sinus pressure and pain

  • May improve hearing

  • May assist lymphatic circulation

  • May regulate ear pressure

  • May relieve pain and fever associated with a ruptured eardrum

  • May relieve swimmer’s ear and other ear infections

  • May relieve earaches

  • May stop tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

  • May help TMJ pain and stiffness

  • May relieve vertigo

  • May clear the eyes

  • May purify the blood

  • May release blocked mental energy

  • May reduce stress, brain fog, and tension

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