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Colon Hydrotherapy -The Movie Trailer, etc…

Colon Hydrotherapy –  The Movie Trailer, etc…:  At the 2013 I-ACT Convention in Orlando this past June, the recipient of the Connie Allred Award went to Julie Tyler. She was recognized for her work in producing her movie on Colon Hydrotherapy.  She has interviewed over 40 physicians that support our profession, and is the Producer, Documentarian, and Actress of this movie. As a result of having Julie at our 2013 convention we were able to view the trailer for her upcoming movie.  It is fabulous.

This really is a great day for Colon Hydrotherapists and Digestive Health Care Specialists as we are making more of an impact with the current medical system and people are waking up to the remembrance an old-fashioned way of natural healing:0)  Colon Hydrotherapy has been around long before hospitals even existed: