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Nancy is by far one of the most caring, compassionate, and intelligent people I know. Her treatments, supplements, advice, and emotional care are as nourishing and therapeutic as they are effective. If you are struggling with your health, or just want to take your life to the next level, Nancy can help you.

She possesses two rare qualities that set her apart from many others in her field of work: listening and honesty. Without interruption, she will listen to your concerns and experiences, and then help you to understand the root of the issue, instead of merely treating surface symptoms. Seeing Nancy on a regular basis for treatments and care has changed my life in the most positive way possible; she has inspired me to become a more empathetic and kind person, not only toward others, but also toward myself.

I would highly recommend a visit to Creative Lifeflow to friends, family, and anyone who is looking to make a positive change to their health.  ~ E. Cedar


I would highly recommend colonics to anyone considering their health options. When I first visited Creative Lifelow I had been experiencing years of chronic constipation and reoccurring IBS. For most of my life having one bowel movement a week was “normal”.  After the first session I felt great, but the results after the second session were even better. I am now feeling lighter, less bloated,  thinking more clearly and have improved moods and energy. Following Nancy’s suggestions and the products she recommended, I am surprised at what a positive effect I have seen. I only wish that I had done this many years ago. Thanks Nancy…B McFarlane

Ryan Q. on 2/6/2017
The office was a very clean and relaxing atmosphere. Nancy was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and a genuinely nice person. I left feeling refreshed to say the least, this was my first time, and will not be my last. Thank you so much!!

Sean A. on 2/5/2017

Nancy was awesome! She was informative and sincere and had a strong empathy that made you feel like you’ve been friends forever! The procedure was confortable and the experience cleansing! Highly recommended!

Bethanni G. on 1/31/2017

Nancy is a very comforting and relaxing presence. I have had two colonics with her and now I look forward to how much better I feel from her treatment.
Drew S. on 1/29/2017
Very positive experience.
Jameca A. on 1/29/2017
Warm, friendly, and inviting environment. Knowledgeable & helpful. Made my first experience very comfortable

Lindsey J. on 1/28/2017

I’ve had trouble with weight and low energy for the past 1 to 2 years and was looking for something different because the gym and dieting wasn’t working. I was a little skeptical at first. I did four treatments in 4 weeks along with some recommended supplements. I was going to the bathroom regularly, had increased energy, actually craved healthier foods and craved less sugar and fats, and lost 14 pounds!!!

Monica I. on 1/28/2017

Fantastic experience. Very comfortable and relaxing. I felt significant benefit from this first visit and look forward to continued benefits from each future visit. I’ll be back in a week!!

Rhonda C. on 1/27/2017

Nancy is very nice and. Helpful. She explains everything very well and answers any questions you have. I will definitely be going again. I feel much better.

Cindy J. on 1/27/2017

Nancy is wonderful. This was my first colonic, so I didn’t know what to expect. Nancy’s office is restful, yet professional. I felt comfortable from my first contact with her. I was surprised at how easy the colonic was. I will be returning for more.

Christie D. on 8/9/2016

Nancy does a great job! The experience was private, comfortable and even relaxing. In addition, the series of cholonics and herbal remedies I have done in the past 3 months have helped greatly with my stomach discomfort and digestive issues.

Riina C. on 8/4/2016

I was extremely please with my first session. I found the experience to be exceptionally well organized, clean and hygienic. The procedure was surprisingly comfortable, I felt lighter and cleansed after the treatment, so I will definitely go back for regular treatments.

Russell S. on 8/4/2016

I have really enjoyed the benefits of Creative Flow Thearapy and Nancy ‘ s professional knowledge and experience is exceptional.I highly recommend her for anyone seeking this treatment. Russell S
Sharon C. on 8/1/2016
Overall a great experience… Felt a significance difference after one treatment. Nancy is very knowledgeable and was conscientious throughout the process. Excited to see how I will feel after the next two that I have scheduled.

“I’m very pleased to have discovered Nancy Gurney and Creative Lifeflow.    Her wholistic therapies have improved my health a lot.  I have especially benefitted from her marvelous colonics and suggestions for supplements.   She’s just really good at what she does—so much better than traditional medicine.   Thank you, Nancy!” ~ Steve L., businessman, Ann Arbor

“Since the colonic, I have been having a BM w/out having to drink prune juice or w/out the assistance of any other laxative-type stuff. So far, it is only once a day but I am grateful for that. I expect even more after the next colonic. I have also stopped drinking the apple juice and the prune juice altogether. I use Stevia because I told you I like drinking green tea, but most of the sweets I have cut out. I eat frozen yogurt (which is only 100 calories) once a week. I have only taken 2 bites of a brownie since the colonic. Not saying I will completely stop eating sweets but since I have experience the feeling from my colonic along w/the suggestions you gave me concerning sugar, I can’t help but step back. So thanks a BUNCH!!!!!”  – Barbara Y

“I was somewhat nervous about having a colonic as it was a new experience for me and I didn’t know what to expect during and after the treatment.  Upon meeting Nancy, I immediately felt at ease due to her calm, gentle and relaxed voice and nature.  The procedure was thoroughly explained and Nancy guided me throughout the process.  During this time she also provided other information about the digestive process.  I felt wonderful after the treatment, and I would highly recommend it to all, whether or not you have a digestive issue.  Thank you, Nancy, for an enlightening afternoon!” – Suzette B

“Nancy’s contributions to my health cannot all be written in paragraph. Colonics are a great to start for those looking to start cleansing, beginning the path to wellness. Colonics can appear intimidating initially but with Nancy that uneasiness disappears quickly. Not only do you get a colonic with your session, but with Nancy you have a person who speaks from experience and gives you suggestions on ways to improve your health. Two services for the price of one! It’s pretty rare to find that anywhere.” -Gautham R.

“Nancy is a fount of knowledge she shares with generosity and professionalism.  I tried many paths to intestinal health after suffering a bacterial infection, but only found a healthy and permanent solution through her help.  My life has changed!” ~ Marcia B

“When you are ready to take your health seriously Nancy comes highly recommended. Health & Wellness begins with healthy digestion and she is the person who not only provides a good service, but someone who educates you through the process. Her insight, professionalism, and passion has made her a leader in her field.  Thank you for the personalized treatment and wellness plan, I’m  healthier and happier for it!!” ~ E. Dinwieddie

“I just wanted to thank you for making my first colonic both easy and comfortable.  I expected the experience to be awkward, to say the least, but you were both friendly and professional so I was at ease.  I’m already feeling a difference, so I’m considering doing more.  Also, thanks for your suggestions.” T. Anderson

“I always look forward to my sessions with Nancy, not only because I know I will feel amazing afterwards, but because the treatment itself is great!  Chatting with Nancy is always enjoyable and informative, and the improvements in my digestion and elimination are definitely something to write home about:-)  The uncomfortable bloating that I used to experience on a daily basis is a thing of the past.  My whole system feels balanced, like things are flowing properly.  Colonics, for me have been a perfect way to start increasing my health!”  ~S. Gorman

“Nancy incorporates the art of working with clients with the art of delivering a very healing experience.  I felt absolutely terrific after the treatments I received and would certainly recommend Nancy’s services to anyone seeking a first rate holistic practitioner.  Many blessings to you, Nancy, and thank you for making a difference in my health.” ~ D. Price

“I found Nancy when embarking on the next phase of my wellness journey.  If you have never had a colonic, Nancy ’s gentle nature will calm any fears for a first-time client.  She is an endless source of information, sharing whatever she knows in a quiet, relaxed way.  This allows for a natural change in life-style that will promote lasting optimal health.  Nancy not only talks about wellness, she lives it!” ~ Rebecca Martin


“I recently received my first-ever colonic treatment through Creative Lifeflow, and I am now a believer in colonics for life!  After the session, I felt a wonderful sense of physical lightness and spiritual purity.  My intention is to have regular colonic treatments from here forward–from Creative Lifeflow, of course!” ~ Jeff Stoner – Retirement and Stress Management Coach


“I recently started getting colonics and now see colonics as a lifelong treatment. Each session with was a joy as it was extremely relaxing and comforting.  Nancy is extremely knowledgeable about her work and also about achieving a healthier lifestyle.  It is through Nancy that I have made lifestyle changes that I intend to keep.  I am incredibly thankful for Nancy for being such an inspiring and encouraging person” ~ A.Harris


“My husband and I had the honor to share our early yoga practice with Nancy.   She is a remarkable spirit.  During our restorative yoga sessions, we felt renewed.  We felt we had shared our souls.  Whatever you choose to do with Nancy will only add grace to your life.” ~ Carol and Eric Studenka


“Creative Lifeflow (Nancy Gurney) has been a blessing in my life. Nancy’s knowledge and understanding regarding digestive concerns, spirituality, and meditation/yoga has taken my health to a new level and HER energy level……WOW” ~ T.Gibbons


“Regarding Poop and Glow Pudding: Looks gross but tastes delightful… and gets the job done.” ~ Dan Ziegler

“Nancy Gurney not only practices what she teaches, but is a willing student of life.  As her coach, I have seen a tremendous commitment in Nancy to become fully who she is.  She faces each situation with courage and conviction and a heart to learn.  As a result, she brings experience and wisdom to all those lives she touches.” ~ Terri Amos-Britt, Spiritual Coach and author of Message Sent and The Enlightened Mom.


“Since working with Nancy, I have noticed my immune system to be strengthened.  Usually during the winter months, I get hit with the cold/flu bug; but, not this winter.  I did not get sick once!   As a lifetime drug-free national level competitive powerlifter, I try to take every  “natural” advantage I can get, and believe Nancy’s recommendations have helped me to become a healthier athlete.” ~ Scott Kuderick



“I have had the sincere honor and pleasure to be a yoga student of Nancy’s over the last 5 years. I absolutely love her classes and look forward to them every week. Her teachings on staying with the breath and in the present moment have helped me tremendously decrease anxiety in my everyday living. She is truely a joy to be around and an inspiration to us all!” ~ Peggy Ogilvie


“Since I started the colonic process I have noticed a change not just in my physical nature but also my mental well-being.  Before I was worried, preoccupied and prone to outbursts of seriously negative emotion.  I have let all of that go and leave feeling more relaxed and cleansed of not just impurities of the body but of the mind as well.  Thank you, Nancy for providing a comfortable atmosphere and taking what could be a stressful situation and making it a holistic experience.” ~ Kimberly Varela